When seeing this work, you might not guess that these China Dolls and Geishas are the labour of love of a fellow Novocastrian. While even the artist can not quite put the finger on the origins of this Oriental love affair (and who can when it comes to Love), her passion which borders on a (healthy) obsession, is at the root of her practice, a world away from this freelancer’s background in event management and marketing, although as a freelancer, those skills are sure to come in handy!
14 ?????????? ?????????? Basic CMYK+ Hi Alisha, could you start by introducing yourself ? 

I am a self taught illustrator with a love for creating strong , feminine designs which are often influenced by my fascination of the orient.

What started as a somewhat procrastinating hobby has evolved into a passionate love affair: my artwork is a collection of mysterious characters that are often (like me) lost in their thoughts.

I studied Fine Arts over a decade ago  but dropped out to pursue studies in Marketing including the completion of a Bachelor of Business Degree.

I have been blessed with a colourful employment history including roles within the government, travel and health industries and found a real love for event management. These roles all fell into other roles requiring graphic design skills which is how I discovered that I am happiest when I can use my creativity on a daily basis.

In 2009 I completed a Diploma in Graphic Design and Visual Communication with a longing to pursue more studies in Illustration. Today I continue to fast track my abilities by surrounding myself with talented like-minded artists and a lot of ‘YouTube’ tutorials.

I am currently working as a Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator and am always on the prowl for new projects, collaborations and adventures. I also dabble as a blog writer, photographer, web designer and more … 2013 brings some exciting new projects which I cannot wait to share.

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+ Could you describe your work style ? 

Give me a brief within my ‘’style’’ and I am all over it, however  I tend to shy away from the ‘’standard’’ corporate  graphic design work as I like to have full creative control. My illustrations are usually derived from the constant googling for inspiration on fashion, art and culture I do late at night. My best ideas always come to me as I drift off to sleep which forces me to sleep with a notepad and pen.

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+ Could you talk about what inspires you. Specifically, your fascination with eastern beauty and representation…

I am inspired by many artists such as Eveline Tarunadjaja, Erin Flannery, Be Free and Jon Todd to name a few and am more than often drawn to black and white features of other work. I have always had a keen interest in fashion, be it the 1920s, theatre or anything a little left field – dark and mysterious. I am also gaining a growing love for street art. During my teens I was always fascinated with Asian culture, food, fashion and in particular Geishas. The fascination has stayed and grown and is still unexplained. My friends joke that I must have been a Geisha in my past life.

I really love the idea of having a piece of me wandering around through the hands and homes of people from all over the place and continue to develop ideas and products that allow me to showcase my illustrations in various ways.

+ Thank you. 


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  1. kylie

    Gorgeous work. Such a creative, thanks for sharing.

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