ALOUD. presents LES PHRYGANES DE LUXE : a collaboration between Hubert DUPRAT and Nature.

I have had this one stored away for ages. I suppose I was keeping it for a rainy day and since Aloud. is in slight hibernation at the moment, I thought I might as well share it since it is a bit out of the ordinary.

It is a little bit of the beaten track but who is the most fiercely creative inspiration out there if not Mother Nature herself? Out of a surprising collaboration between a scientifically minded artist and an intriguing marine creature, come these unique and fascinating “jewels” of nature.

The Larvae of these small insects (not much to look at in themselves) construct a protection by agglomerating small rocks around their own bodies, creating a sort of protective carapace in which they can retract when threatened.

Artist Hubert Duprat came up with the idea of placing the larvae in an aquarium along with gold powder, small rubis, pearls etc… which the larvae eagerly used to construct their carapaces with. The results are surprising!

More info about the project :

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One comment

  1. Jane

    Very nice to have you back — I’m sure I’m not the only reader who misses you! No pressure though, your readership is aware of your current priority.

    I guess art doesn’t get more “organic” than this. These works are luminous in their conjoined spontaneity and beauty.

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