ALOUD. interviews NINA KOUREA // co-director of Exposure Arts and Media // WOLLONGONG, Australia.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since Nina Kourea was featured on Aloud. and chatted about the work she was doing to revitalize the centre of Wollongong, NSW. As Nina embarks on a new journey which seems to be a natural continuation of the work started, Aloud. is always happy to lend a helping hand and share a great initiative. These sorts of projects are popping up in a lot of cities that have long been dismissed culturally (think Newcastle) but the value of these micro-projects is definitely starting to take hold and spread like a wild fire of dynamic enthusiasm. Cities need these projects and these projects need your support. Share the Love!

ALOUD: Hi Nina, could you introduce your latest project?

NINA KOUREA: Studio 19 – Exposure Arts and Media is a multidisciplinary art space in the heart of a steel city, Wollongong, NSW. What started out as an art studio has turned into a creative community space for people to share their ideas, thoughts and inspirations. We hold workshops, drawing sessions, gigs, performances and as we speak, we are adding an exhibition space. I also teach photography and Carolyn runs her graphic design business.

ALOUD: Who is behind this initiative?

NINA: Carolyn Nowaczyk and Nina Kourea, partners in life and in art.

ALOUD: Could you describe your experience / process in setting up this project?

NINA: Well, in the beginning Carolyn rented out the studio for her own personal art practice. After spending some time in there, she slowly made it into her home away from home. At the beginning of this year, I came onboard to try and hold some workshops and turn the space into more of a community space. Since then we hold fortnightly drawing sessions, crafty get-togethers, film nights and gigs. We have just rented out the space next door to expand on what we do here and for me to live my dream of running my own gallery space. So at the moment we are just renovating which in itself is an art project. We will be opening to the public on the 24th August.

ALOUD: What inspired you to start this project?

NINA: After curating the Pop-Up shops in Wollongong last year I felt like I needed to keep doing things in the community and creating new experiences for people. There is definitely a need for this in small cities such as Wollongong.

ALOUD: How did you choose the name?

NINA: Studio 19, is the number of our space. So naturally we just started calling it that. Exposure Arts and Media is Carolyn’s name of her graphic Design business.

ALOUD: What are you hoping this project will provide to your local creative community?

NINA: We hope this space will provide a safe haven for artists to share their ideas and make things happen in this community. It’s amazing what you find when you scratch under the surface.

ALOUD: How will you be using the space?

NINA: We will use the space to promote our own work and the work of fellow artists in the community. We also love the idea of people just getting together and sharing their ideas and us supporting them. Sometimes you just need someone to say Yes! you can do that! That dream is possible.


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  1. Jane

    I took a look back at last year’s interview to refresh my memory and find myself once again commend Nina Kourea’s unfailing generosity. I recently read that, “The only thing you have is what you give,” and I see that this partnership has expanded upon last year’s efforts to offer interested members of their community a place to learn, share and grow.

  2. Thank you so much Jane. That is really sweet. I really feel like I’m on the right path. Everything is falling nicely into space and I feel inspired every day. Cheers Nina 🙂

  3. Nina, that’s a wonderful feeling to have. People who are young at heart never really arrive but feeling like you are on the right path and ‘visiting places’ that are inspiring is the aim of the game. Good luck to you and your endeavors. I certainly look forward to following them and sharing with Jane, my #1 reader (and mother).

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