24 HRS // MELBOURNE by Morganna MAGEE.

What’s your favourite thing to do/ favourite place to be at the following times?

7 am? I am a real morning person, so by 7am I am usually up and on my computer editing at home.

11 am? If I’m not working, 11am on weekends is permanently booked for breakfast with my best friend. We have been exploring Yarraville which is my new home and are becoming fixtures at the Corner Shop Cafe.

1 pm? Melbourne has become so centred around eating that every week there seems to be a new hotspot. Laksa King in Kensington has great, cheap food and a bustling atmosphere.

3 pm? The NGV is always the best way to spend an afternoon. The permanent collection of 20th century European art never ceases to amaze me.

7 pm? The Sun Theatre in Yarraville is the most beautiful cinema I’ve ever been to. Even if the movie showing is bad you can look around at the ornate theatre, each room has a different theme.

10 pm? if I’m feeling young at heart I will be out dancing at the dirty, wonderful Cherry Bar.

You can read Morganna’s full interview here.

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