Photo Essay // KYLIE FOLEY // NEWCASTLE, Australia.

I love a good element of surprise here at Aloud. and Kylie’s carefully composed images certainly captured my imagination. They took me back to a time when an old dress or a purse full of plastic gold coins could transport me to place more real than dreams, lost between times and games. Both classic and surreal with a touch of old-fashioned gothic, Kylie’s work evokes the imagery of secret gardens, lost worlds hidden behind swiveling bookcases, invisibility cloaks – the stuff childhood fantasies and nightmares are made of. Oh to be young again…

In Kylie Foley’s words:

My work is focused on children and the whimsical environment which becomes a part of a child’s creative development. My images aim to express the notion that all children are at times lost in an environment which exists in their imagination and transported there through play and day dreaming. I set a scene to engage a child in play and wait for the magic to unfold. This is a key ingredient in getting my models to deliver portraits that are full of mood and emotion.

As an observer and picture maker, I am attracted to the drama of a landscape and by combining this with a young child, I hope to pinpoint the relationship and tension between man and nature, great and small.

Photography is undoubtably my skill and the element I am passionate about. The use of digital post enhancement plays a role in my work but is mostly used as an additional component. I generally stylize and source the props myself. The final images are composed of multiple images I have collected gradually.

I am influenced by some great contemporary photographers and past master painters & photographers who developed great lighting techniques. I appreciate classic technique and adore the skill required in having a model sit for a fine art portrait.

© Copyright Kylie Foley.

Kylie Foley is a Fine Art portrait photographer based in the Newcastle area.

Kylie’s work is featured in the prestigious gallery.

Website :


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  1. Jane

    I can’t imagine a better photo essay for me to discover just when I am reading the works of Isabel Allende whose imagery floats with perfect grace through both real and imaginary worlds introducing her readers to characters, to spirits, to landscapes, to seascapes and to a variety of civilizations throughout history.

    Kylie Foley’s work would provide the perfect illustrations for “Daughter of Fortune,” “Portrait in Sepia” or “Island Beneath the Sea.”

  2. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I really need to read some of her books. Maybe you’ll have to send a few over.

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