© Photography by Simone Sheridan.

Favorite Art gallery / cultural institution?

I love the Newcastle Art Gallery (and the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery for that matter). I think regional art galleries have really lifted their game in the last decade and are a great place to see a fantastic variety of art. The quality of the shows astounds me, plus they also support local makers in their shops and have great hands on programs to engage kids with art.

Favourite bar / pub for a friday night drink?

How I wish I went out for more Friday night drinks! If I did I think I would mix it up a fair bit, but I do go to East End Enoteca – they have absolutely beautiful food and the best international wine list by the glass that Newcastle has got to offer.

Favourite breakfast / coffee spot?

Definitely One Penny Black – the coffee shop 3 doors up from us in the mall. I have not yet had a bad coffee and have heard it touted several times as the best coffee in town. Very delicious and very funky.

Where do you get your art / work supplies?

I buy most of my supplies from Sydney – precious metal from A & E metal merchants, tools etc from House of Jewellery, sadly a bit too specialised for Newcastle.

Best kept secret? 

How cool the city is becoming – sneaky little shops offering something entirely different are opening all the time. I’m not sure that people who don’t work in the city or live nearby have noticed yet. But they will . . . .

(Other) favourite shop in town? 

Definitely Make Space – again just a couple of doors away. It is a shop that is jam packed with handmade local stuff that is incredibly good value. I can always find some vintage fabric top or dress to buy for me or a gift for someone if I need it.

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