You may or may not get to use it but this mini-guide to Bengaluru, Viktoria’s current home, is the guide we wouldn’t have otherwise. Enjoy and bookmark it for the next time you travel to that neck of the wood.

Favorite Art gallery / cultural institution? There’s a little Art Gallery hidden behind cascading branches & leafy trees on Lavelle road.  When you walk into Time & Space Gallery the walls are wonderfully white & the roof reveals the underside of the terracotta tiles, like a secret. At the minute they’re having an exhibition of a well known West Bengal artist, Lalu Shaw. His works are graphic, clean edged. There’s a repetition of form in various colours. For the vast part he uses earth tones interrupted by the brightest orange red, or a fluro harlequin green. It’s a real treat for my eyes.

Favourite bar / pub for a friday night drink? Well Bangalore has an 11:30PM curfew & premises require a licence for you to dance so my choices are limited!There’s a place on 100feet road that has live gigs every friday night. BFlat. I play the clarinet, so was attracted to the name like the total nerd that I am. It’s not cheap, but on a Friday I just subscribe to a liquid dinner to hear some Indian Jazz, or whatever tune is going.

Favourite breakfast / coffee spot? Cafe Ora, a leafy hide away at the back of Richmond Town where I live. Once a month they hold a breakfast for the local pups; it’s a dog’s breakfast. It’s a lazy sunday morning shattered by dogs barking too loud, sniffing each other, bucking under tables, smashing coffee cups, urinating everywhere & drooling all over each other while their owners tangle up in a sea of leads, unsure of which belongs to which. It’s great. ha! It also has a pretty good coffee. A hard find in India.

Where do you get your art / work supplies? Collected sentimental places. I’m currently lugging a pink pencil case rammed with dirty charcoal, dusty chalks, flecked watercolours, pencil shavings, paint brushes, Moleskines, beautiful letters from friends, textured papers, pens, texta’s. A dear friend of mine, Steve Peterson, told me once to carry my camera on me always but to sometimes put it away & paint the scene in front of me instead. He told me I’d be amazed at the things I’d notice & I am.

Favourite shop in town? On Mahatma Gandhi road, under the heaving new metro station, there’s a four storey book store. “Gangaram’s Book Bureau” is the title it gives itself. The first few floors are full of shining new hardcovers, pens, paper, notebooks, diaries, but if you can be bothered to hike to the top there are hundreds of second hand treasures. That’s where I found William Darymple, Amartya Sen, people who talk about the India I know most. There’s no “Eat, Pray, Love” here. Gangaram’s is closing down. So many things here close barely after they launched from the dust. I’m going back to purchase too many books to fit in my suitcase.

If you are an artist or designer and have turned your passion into your livelihood, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at

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  1. marie van Lint

    This just makes me want to go to India again.

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