Apple & Tree, Chicken & Egg : ALOUD. celebrates MOTHER’S DAY.

Hi Aloud. friends,


This is the beautiful post we published last year for Mother’s Day and what a tribute it was to one of the most influencing person in our lives. This year, I have the immeasurable pleasure of adding myself to the list of mothers out there doing their very best to guide our precious children into adulthood. Take a moment to revisit this post, share it if you love it and have a great day on Sunday. With love, Laure.

To the mothers who are sitting close and those who are far,
to the mothers to be and those who grieve,
to those who are mothers only in their dreams and the mothers who are a memory,
to the mothers who shared their blood and those who shared their hearts,
to the mothers with mothers and the fathers doing without,
to those with grown babies and those just starting,
we thank you today for making us who we are.
xox, L.

Like mother, like daughter – My mother Jane and yours truly.

 ” I’ve got 3 photos (I couldn’t decide on one) and they are sequenced in time. With my paternal grandmother – She died less than a year ago (two below) and with my own mother and sister (above).” – Meeray.

“Here is a recent photo of my mother and I, Mali Moir, who is a Botanical, Scientific, Natural History Artist.” Lilli.

Rosa and Sam.

My Grandmother with her first Great Grandaughter  2011 mixed media collage and acrylic paint.

“My Grandmother, Graylin, whom my mother and I were very close to, passed away last year at age ninety.  She was fortunate to have known her first great grandaughter, my sister’s baby Maya, the final year of her life.” – Erin.

My Grandmother, My Mother, and I, All at Age 30 2005 mixed media collage and acrylic paint 36″x48″ – Erin.

Zel & Annie.

Four generations: Catherine & her mother (above), Catherine & her daughter Agathe (below), Agathe & her son Ulysse (two below).

“Here is one last “mother painting” for you.  It is called “Airport Nurse-In” 60×48, and was painted in response to a woman being kicked off an airplane for breastfeeding, and the ensuing protests…Since then, women have been kicked out of Starbucks, their photographs kicked off Facebook, as just two of many examples, for committing the obscene crime of nourishing their babies!  I snuck in a portrait of my sister, Brie, in the far left of the painting, nursing her newborn, Maya… – Erin.

“This is me and my son Oaka. I took it for the organisation that myself and children support  – “To Write Love On Her Arm’. A great organisation that brings about awareness and conversation about depression, suicide through hope and love.” – Simone.

Riley & Sarah.

Lee with Pia & Charlie.

“Would you expect anything else from me?” – Paula (interview coming up…) & Gerry.

Four generations of women: Mame (my paternal grandmother), Marie-So (my aunt), my cousin Claire and her daughter Alice. 

Julie and her mother.

“Here I am with my mother Audrey in 1955 when she was a new mother. Today, she is an active, stylish 82 year old who volunteers for ORT, has a busy social life with my father and their friends, and enjoys spending time with her two children and four grandchildren.” – Jodi.

“Here is a photo of my kids & me… made last summer in Santa Fe by my son’s Dad Philip. {Photo © Philip Kessler}
My son’s name is Gabriel & he is an actor & model & my daughter Emily is a film maker, photographer & model.
That is me.. their loving mom in the middle. Each of them has assisted me … often… over the years.” – Jennifer.
Willy with Lenie & Cesar.
Annie & On Yau Lui

If you are an artist or designer and have turned your passion into your livelihood, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at

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  1. ~ Thank You & Love ~

  2. marie van Lint

    A beautiful poem and a lovely tribute to all mothers –
    With thanks and love, Marie

  3. Fabulous! So many beautiful moments there! x

  4. Jane

    Thank you for my place of honor and for your words which so gracefully and successfully include us all.

    It warms my heart to see the images of the mothers I know, as well as those of the ones I don’t, but actually feel I do know, thanks to the sensitivity displayed in your past interviews of them.

    The affection permeating this posting is the proof that through Aloud. you have created a new and loving community/family for your devoted readership.

    If you receive any late entries, don’t forget that French Mother’s Day is June 3rd!

    P.S. Discovering Erin’s Nurse-In painting on this day has made it particularly memorable and I can’t wait to read your upcoming interview of Paula whose photo booth art blog looks stupendous.

  5. marie-so de vaugelas

    Thanks darling girl for this lovely moment on reading and watching these images and smiles all over every single face !!! a lot of emotion and joy and sharing !!! thanks for it all, well done and see you “down under” soon …
    Being a mum is a fantastic adventure for the rest of one’s life and I love this adventure of a lifetime !
    a big hug to you xxxxxx

  6. Thank you to all of you who have sent photos in and for leaving all these sweet messages. These days Aloud. is my baby and is definitely a labor of love. Your warm words of encouragement always make me want to do more and better. Thank you!

  7. nicewilly

    merci beaucoup Laure, super sympa ton idée

  8. Jane

    Although I firmly believe there are many important contributions other than reproduction that a woman can make to the world, for those who are mothers, the very wise words of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis deserve to be kept in mind:

    “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.”

  9. Jane

    Was this posting just one year ago? It feels as if so much has happened since then, and it has! I’ve really enjoyed rereading this, thinking about how much the babies whose photos we see have grown since then and also thinking of the women who have since become mothers and mothers-to-be …

  10. Jane

    P.S. Once again, French Mother’s Day is on a different date, May 26, so plenty of time for readers around the world to send in new pix and comments.

  11. Lolo

    Yellito Laura the brand new mother,

    I keep reading again and again this beautiful and moving poem to our mothers. It is so true and it is so you.
    I am a very happy and lucky step father so proud of what you are and what you do.

    Happy mother’s day to you and to your mother, the woman of my life.
    Toutes nos pensees pour toi et pour tes 2 hommes (le petit et le grand).



  12. Fantastic post with some beautiful images, a wonderful tribute both to your mother and all the mothers out there!

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