Exhibitions, Publications, Interviews & more: Find out what ALOUD.’s alumni are up to.

ALOUD.’s alumni are a busy bunch. Find out what they have been up to and if their work might be coming to a gallery/bookstore near you.

Heleana Genaus – Ludlites ♥ Nature group exhibition – http://www.ludlites.com/

Opening 29th of April, 2 pm – The Superintendants Resident, Centennial Park, Sydney – A lo-fi photography group exhibition inspired by the wonders of Nature.

Nude #20 - Heleana Genaus

Lilli May Waters – SHE RAW project exhibition – www.sheraw.org

Opening 3rd of May, 6:30 pm – Black Dot Gallery, East Brunswick – Entry by gold coin donation. 50% of the proceeds from the exhibition and associated books will go towards anti-violence charity White Ribbon.

Jason Greendyk was recently interviewed by Yareah Magazine where he discussed his current work. Read it here.

portrait by Christian Delfino Photography

The Paintings of Erin Currier : An Art book showing 150 of Erin Currier‘s fascinating work is set to be released this week in the US, UK, Europe and Australia by CSF publishing. Erin will also be showing her work in a solo showBlue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe Opening 31st of August, followed by a joint exhibition with partner Anthony Hassett in L.A, opening 1st of October. Finally, Erin was chosen by the Sacatar Foundation to receive a fellowship to a Brazilian Residency program off the coast of Bahia.

Lara Santoro‘s latest book The Boy is all set to come out in January 2013. You’ll have to hold on tight until then.

This one is for all the lazy cooks out there! Rosa Jackson‘s new book with Marabout has just come out, Les bons petits plats des paresseuses. It’s a compilation of La cuisine des paresseuses and Les meilleurs desserts des paresseuses in pocket-sized format. You can stop dreading those dinner parties.

Moving further and deeper into her sculptural explorations with wood and ceramics, Claire de Lavallée is preparing to show her work in Paris, first in her studio towards the end of May and 2 weeks later, in a private gallery setting. On show will be a series of large sculptures, in porcelain and direct wood carving. Check Claire’s blog for dates, times and locations in the next few weeks.

"Ruisselle 1"
hauteur 90 cm, épaisseur 25 cm, largeur 35 cm
Bois, pigments, résine, cire d'abeille.

If you are an artist or designer and have found ways to turn your passion into your livelihood, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at contactaloud@gmail.com

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