ALOUD reviews TEDxNewy – Part 3 – THE STORYTELLERS

TEDxNewy Crew - Image courtesy of TEDx Newy - Photographer Nigel Paterson

There is no History without Historians and no stories if they remain untold. KARL BRANDSTATER tells the quietly touching story of the bond between a father and his daughter. CONOR ASHLEIGH shares the “untold stories” of people who are not able to speak for themselves. JASON VAN GENDEREN is a poet without artifice and JULIE BAIRD channels the thousands of voices of this city into a meaningful experience.

Staying with Vegas is an honest and touching film by KARL BRANDSTATER about being the sole caretaker for his daughter Vegas. Here is the short version via Karl’s vimeo page.

Conor Ashleigh - Image courtesy of TEDx Newy - Photographer Nigel Paterson

At only 24, CONOR ASHLEIGH, has accumulated an impressive portfolio as a photographer and developed a strong and informed social conscience, reporting and documenting what he calls “untold stories” from around the world and Australia. Conor told us 3 of those stories:

Highlights from CONOR ASHLEIGH:

Birth of a Nation: This story documents the birth of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation. Conor followed a family of Sudanese refugees in Australia returning to their homeland to celebrate its independence and the start of a new era.

Slipping Between the Cracks: Homelessness and mental illness are a major issue in Calcutta, West Bengal. Through his photography, Conor hopes to lift the stigma associated with conditions that do not discriminate between the classes of India.

Plight of the Penan: For one week, Conor lived with the Penan, the last group of nomads inhabiting the jungles of Borneo. Both the jungle and the Penan are increasingly threatened by rapid deforestation and the spreading of palm oil production where the jungle once was.

Jason van Genderen - Image courtesy of TEDx Newy - Photographer Nigel Paterson

JASON VAN GENDEREN believes in “the power of simple solutions” to achieve complex concepts. By the age of 19, Jason was a “fully rounded creative” with his own cartoon strip, T-shirt design range, a Hallmark Christmas card collection, a “weird” stint in needlecraft design and a few years working as a commercial and advertising artist. At some point though, the craft got in the way of the creativity and Jason “threw away his camera to become a filmmaker.”

Highlights from JASON VAN GENDEREN:

Mankind is No Island was shot exclusively on a mobile phone between New York and Sydney with no budget, no script, no actors. What “portable filmmaking” lacks in resources can be exponentially made up in clarity and simplicity.

– Jason tends to chose “content over craft.” When the craft becomes invisible, the content can shine.

– Embrace what you can do especially if it is the simplest way to your vision.

– Our brains are powerful “idea incubators”, let’s use them.

Julie Baird - Image courtesy of TEDx Newy - Photographer Nigel Paterson

As the curator for our brand new Museum, JULIE BAIRD decided that rather than doing it the “right way”, she would do it the “Newcastle way” and ask her audience for the stories they wanted to tell rather than the ones they wanted to hear. She might have been breaking all the rules but the story shows that they were just being rewritten.

Highlights from JULIE BAIRD:

– “Simple questions lead to complex answers”: The Newcastle Museum team started by asking their 15-35 year old audience “who are we?” opening up a dialogue and ideas platform to use as a reference point.

– The Museum audience is invited to share their stories, make their own Museum, become the Museum and the Museum, in turn, becomes a reflection, a mirror of its audience.

– The Museum adds to these stories, stitches them together, puts them in context, weaves the connections between the individuals that were and the ones that are.

– “The verb “to museum” is to learn, to feel how your city feels and to belong to a long and changing story.”

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  1. ~ Thank you for Staying with Vegas … so beautiful & moving.
    Love & Blessings to this dear man & his daughter.

  2. Yes, it’s beautiful. We were lucky enough to watch the long version and I had to discreetly wipe away a couple tears.

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