‘Pop Up’ WOLLONGONG: ALOUD chats with Nina KOUREA.

Performance and installation by Tamara Elkins, Tamryn Bennett and Memo Batiz

Hi Nina, can you introduce ‘Pop-Up’ Wollongong ?

Pop-Up Wollongong is an initiative created by Wollongong City Council to revitalize and re-energise the City Centre. Inspired by a visit from Marcus Westbury from Renew Newcastle, we saw the benefits of Pop-Ups in Newcastle, which is a similar demographic to Wollongong and thought we would try and do the same. So far, it’s been a success!

What are the aims of this initiative? 

The Pop-Up series helps the artists and the public to integrate on a different level. We are taking away the formality of a gallery space and making Art more accessible by installing exhibitions in unusual places, like vacant shops in commercial areas, injecting energy into the areas. We are trying to create vibrant spaces that are tangible and audible while trying to break down the barrier between art, the business side of art and the audience.

Can you give some information on the upcoming event? 

The next ‘Pop-Up’ Wollongong will take place in Globe Lane, Wollongong. The exhibition will run from Thursday 22nd till Tuesday 27th of September, from 10am to 4pm. The Opening night is Thursday 22nd September at 6pm with performances, installations and music with a live performance by Feicks Device!

The artists include: Brent Williams, Virginia Settre, Carolyn Nowaczyk, Jess Whitmore and Andrew Yeremeyev, Sarah Tansey, Lillian Cuda, Jardine Hansen, Mirko Sossai, Noah Hampson, Jenny Tubby and Louis Cremen, Nathan waters and Tristan Grace.

The Circus WOW - Shop Front Dummies Performance

Pop-Up is just one of the events in our ‘Creative Dialogues Program’. The program was developed in the lead up to Viva la Gong in early November as a way of getting people geared up for this major event.

‘Pecha Kucha, a night of ideas’, Wednesday, September 28 . 7:00pm – 9:00pm. The Hideaway Cafe, 8/81 Church Street, Wollongong.

A night for artists, writers, performers, designers, social entrepreneurs, scientists (in fact, anyone!) to pitch their ideas to an audience in a format of 20 slides / 20 seconds per slide for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Pronounced ‘peh-cha ku-cha’ and Japanese for the ‘sound of conversation’, it was originally founded by Klein Dytham Architects (KDA) in Tokyo in 2003, as a way for young designers to meet, network and show their work in public. Presentations are short, concise and inspirational.
Forum at Wollongong City Gallery,  Thursday, September 29 . 6.30pm

This forum will unpack the role of cultural infrastructure, policy and strategy in building rich, creative and resilient regional centres. What are the cultural and creative opportunities available to Wollongong now and in the future? Panel includes John Montgomery from Urban Cultures.

Live Painting by Joshua Wiffen

How can people learn about/get involved with ‘Pop-up’ Wollongong?

If you are interested in Pop-Up or any other event from our Creative Dialogues Program you can visit Vivalagong11 and PopUpExhibition, on Facebook.

If you are an artist and would like to get involved, contact the Wollongong City Council Cultural Services on 02 4227 7685 or email us at culturalservices@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

Nina Kourea is a Wollongong West Tafe graduate with a major in Photography. Passionate about the arts, she works at Wollongong City Council, organizing events for the ‘Creative Dialogue Program’ and promoting the arts in every which way she can. Nina is also a project officer for the upcoming Viva la Gong Festival on Nov 12th

If you are an artist or designer and you are using your skills to create community based initiatives, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at contactaloud@gmail.com. 

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One comment

  1. Jane

    Lucky Wollies to have free family events to attend for nearly an entire week! How often does that happen? I say bravo to all those involved in bringing free art and entertainment to others.

    There will always be people who complain that going out and having fun costs money but the truth is that if you look around and keep up on all your city offers, you can find great things to do without denting your budget.

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