NFW 2011 – Part 1 – Behind the Scenes.

My father used to say that there are two types of jobs. Jobs you do for love and jobs you do for a living. Events like Newcastle Fashion Week wouldn’t be able to get off the ground without a team of dedicated and motivated volunteers investing their time and energy to support Louise Mackay‘s vision and make sure the event is the best it can possibly be. When I arrived at the Newcastle Yacht Club a couple of hours before the show, the energy was buzzing and hair & make-up artists, designers, models, photographers, coordinators, caterers etc. were all hard at work getting ready for the Runway. With the help of talented local photographer Rachel Cook, Aloud. brings you an exclusive look behind the scenes before the lights go down and the show begins. 

ALOUD: Aaron (designer of EyeAM), what are you showing tonight? Mens streetwear with a grunge space theme. ALOUD: What is your favorite garment? I like the shirts with the cuts through them. I like the texture, the layering of different fabrics and I think it has a good visual component. It’s something that stands out. 

ALOUD: Jzhonnie (designer of Jzhonnie Bechet), can you tell us a little bit about your collection? It is called Cleopatra Snatch and is inspired by drawings and statues of Ancient Egypt. ALOUD: What fascinated you about this period? They were very provocative. A lot of see-through dresses, skimpy kind of wear, breasts exposed. They were all about the jewelry, the hair, the make-up. The gold. Everything about them was about conveying an image. They shaved their heads and wore wigs. Everyday, they did their make-up with kohl. They were so intense compared to a lot of other ancient cultures. I wanted to bring that forward in a modern way.

ALOUD: Emily (professional dancer & performer), how are you involved with NFW? Tonight, I am going to be showcasing Jzhonnie’s fashion line and I am going to be the crescendo to her major performance. I am very excited that Jzhonnie and I can get together and conjure up some mystic, some vavavoom.
©All Photography by Rachel Cook. (
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