Painting the town YELLOW: NEWCASTLE FASHION WEEK kicks off in style.

It was in a flash of yellow that VIP guests were invited to celebrate the Launch of Newcastle Fashion Week at Fort Scratchleys Barracks last night.

Showing alongside some of Australia’s Fashion heavyweights (Rachel Gilbert, Jayson Brunsdon and Camilla), a selection of emerging designers (Velvet Hummingbird, Little Sparrow, Maurie & Eve…) had a chance to give us a taste of things to come before the runway shows on Friday and Saturday night. 

As we huddled inside, seeking shelter from a particularly cold and windy night, the models made a bright appearance, illuminating the space with a display of flowing silk and chiffon garments.

Designed on the basis of hope, in the trademark color of Daffodil Day, a Cancer Council initiative, the sunny garments created a fitting contrast to the angry elements raging outside and in some ways reinforced the symbolic nature of Newcastle Fashion Week.

Maybe hope is wearing a stunning silky summer dress in the middle of a winter storm, ready for that first ray of sunshine to break through the clouds.

© All photos were taken by Bonnie-Grace Dwyer.

Newcastle Fashion Week will take place 22-27th August as an Official Fundraiser for Cancer Council NSW’s Daffodil Day. Help us paint the town yellow and support local designers by buying a ticket here. The tickets are only $20 so if you are in Newcastle, you really have no excuse to miss out on what will be a fantastic event!

If you or someone you know is using Design as an opportunity to help others through community based initiatives, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at contactaloud(at) 

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  1. Jane

    Thanks to Bonnie-Grace Dwyer’s photos and Aloud.’s inspired and sunshiney account of this evening in shades of yellow, we readers have been able to admire the rich variety of tones ranging from lemon to goldenrod to saffron to topaz and chartreuse combined with materials and styles that made it to the catwalk in an atmosphere of great cheer.

    The folds, draping and textures of the dresses are magnificent whether viewed from the front, side or back. (I don’t know if it is since the huge response to the rear view of a certain maid of honor’s dress that many have come to realize just how beautiful the back of a dress can be.)

    Even if in the past, the color yellow has at times been associated with cowardice, it certainly takes on a completely different aura here thanks to Daffodil Day and NFW, one of sunshine, warmth, happiness, fun, friendship, optimism, imagination and hope!

  2. Jane

    Stronger still than the meanings of yellow in the above comment, I just read that to the fearless Comanche Indian warriors, yellow meant INVULNERABLE so perhaps next year, Novocastrians might also consider painting their bodies as well.

  3. Thanks for the comments. If you are interested in the meaning of colors, you should read a book entitled “color” by Victoria Finlay. It’s really amazing as it tells the history of each color of the palette. Very interesting.

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