Design with a cause: Planting the seeds of awareness in public space.

What is ‘Plant a Pinwheel’?

‘Plant a Pinwheel’ is an initiative started by Claire McCaughan and Belqis Youssofzay, with the support of the Asylum Seeker Centre of NSW, to connect disparate communities that exist within Sydney through creative collaboration.

We are using Sydney Design 2011 as a platform to make pinwheels from recycled materials and ‘planting’ gardens of pinwheels across Surry Hills. 

Who will benefit from this initiative?

Not many people are aware that the Asylum Seeker Centre of NSW is at the heart of Surry Hills.

We hope that through creative collaboration we can bring the Asylum Seeker community and the local Surry Hills community closer together to allow them to gain an insight into each other’s worlds.

Ultimately we would hope that everyone gains something through awareness of the different people that make a bigger community.

Where and when will events take place?

Pinwheel making workshops will run this week between 1 and 2PM at the following locations:

Tuesday 9th – Reverse Garbage, Taylor Square

Wednesday 10th –Asylum Seeker Centre, Surry Hills

Friday 12th – Reverse Garbage, Taylor Square

Saturday 13th – Reverse Garbage, Taylor Square

A pinwheel planting installation will take place on Saturday 13th of August at Reverse Garbage, Taylor Square and continue throughout Surry Hills.

How can people get involved with ‘Plant a Pinwheel’?

You can come along to one of our workshops and help the pinwheel garden grow.

How can people get involved with the Asylum Seeker Centre?

You can be involved by volunteering at the Centre, making a one off donation or attending one of the quiz nights. You can also create an awareness of who they are and what they do by spreading the word.

For more information, visit :

Claire McCaughan wanted to be an architect since she was twelve. Her dream came true! She loves to draw and watch people enjoy public spaces, especially gardens. She hopes one day to have a great garden that everyone can visit and enjoy. This idea of useful, picturesque and joyful public space is inherent in all her work, from private houses, to community art projects and gallery installations.

Belqis Youssofzay trained as an architect but often indulges in her true passion for writing and visual art. Belqis’ experience of living in various countries and societies has endowed her with a strong socio-political agenda which she explores through various creative means.

If you are an artist or designer and you are using your skills to help others through community based initiatives, I would love to hear from you and help you get the word out there. Email me at contactaloud(at) 

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