Dear Readers, this week, I am excited to post the first Photo Essay on this blog and I am hoping it can become a regular feature of Aloud. As is commonly said, a picture is worth a thousand words, I am hoping that this series is worth one of our usual in-depth interviews.

Jacinta van Lint is a well-seasoned traveller and amateur photographer. She also happens to be someone who had a big part in inspiring the beginnings of Aloud. as, like me, she questions her potential and opportunities. As her passion for photography has grown and blossomed over the last few years, Jacinta is just about to embark on the journey that will transform this inner flame into, we hope, her bread and butter. This Photo Essay is Aloud.‘s way of wishing her good luck!

” Every Sunday, sleepy Tarabuco with its cobbled streets and low mud brick buildings is transformed into a bustling market town. People from the surrounding countryside flood the streets, creating a show of traditional Bolivian dress. Tagged as the best known market in Bolivia, it was well worth the day trip from Sucre.

There were  handicrafts and textiles aimed at tourists, goods needed for everyday Bolivian country life, from cocoa leaves to pretty hats, candles and household goods, and two large farmers markets with very cheap and fresh produce, and plenty of places for a filling almuerzo (lunch).

A few typical styles that we spied were the traditional Tarabucian man wearing a montera (a leather hat), a thick sheep wool poncho, white trousers and awarquas (sandals) made from old tires; the traditional woman wearing a thick black robe, awarquas and a black hat, (if the hat has beads hanging from the front it means she is unmarried); there are also more modern women wearing a lace blouse, pleated skirt to the knees, and a cardigan. ”

© Text and photos by Jacinta van Lint.

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  1. beautiful photos!
    Keep it up Jacinta.

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  3. Lovely photos … full of color & heart ~
    Thank You

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