Dear readers,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce some upcoming features.

Aloud. had an exciting week-end in Paris interviewing a number of very different women who have filled their lives with work they love and are distinguishing themselves in unique creative ways.

On-Yau Lui is an Australian practicing artist who has been successfully running Rooftops, an independent artists initiative in the heart of Berlin while simultaneously pursuing her own creative explorations.

Claire de Lavallee is an established ceramics artist who creates unique objects and sculptures which, through textures, colours, patterns and shapes draw us a little bit closer to a poetic interpretation of nature and the world surrounding us.

Morgane Buissiere is a Contemporary theatre actor based in Paris. Whether it is for a single representation or a two year stint, she is forging a strong professional reputation amongst her peers based on her talent, engagement and a passion left untouched.

Rosa Naudin is an emerging Architect who has recently set up a small but promising practice in association with fellow architect, Vivien Seevagen. As they make their way through the various scales of their first commissions, they are defining the foundations of their own Architectural integrity.

Myriam Roehri is a freelance professional photographer. She navigates between the worlds of fashion, portraits, and stories while capturing fleeting instants, the ephemeral beauty of a world in movement, our relationship to the natural realm.

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  1. Chris

    Looking forward to the next installments!

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