Topic: Sharing Ideas

We all have ideas but a good one is precious, something to be valued and taken care of. Like a young seed, and with the care, attention and work it deserves, it has the potential to grow into a small plant or a large tree casting dappled shadows over generations to come. But to do that, it must be planted in the ground as it will not grow if it remains yours alone, in the fold of your hand. To grow, a plant must be shaped by your own hand but also by the soil it is planted into, the rain, the wind, the sun. An idea, like a seed, must be shared to grow to its full potential.

How important is it to share and discuss ideas? Do you think ideas become better when they are out in the open? Do they become less original as a result? Is there a time to hide and a time to share an idea?

Tell me what you think, I will post a selection of replies as they come in and if you’re not doing it for me, do it for yourself, Aloud.


  1. Jane

    Aloud, the name of this blog suggests that ideas are meant to be shared.

    Perhaps the tricky part of the question is knowing how they are best shared, or recognizing the most appropriate “soil” in which to “plant” them.

    Bouncing an idea off of other people draws it out of isolation but makes it no less original. Just find the right people, those who care and who also share.

    What is to be feared? That it be criticized? That may hurt the author but not the idea itself. That it be stolen? Definitely a possibility. If one pursues an idea with great gusto, it comes to fruition despite all such threats provided the author stays on course.

    The first two interviewees speak of their ideas openly and confidently. They have surely improved their ideas by sharing and they embody their “ideas” turned “life projects” in such entirety that anyone attempting to steal them would be nothing more than a pale imitation.

  2. As social beings, the desire to communicate and to share ideas is an innate part of our culture. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have the usual fears associated with opening up and making ourselves vulnerable and while our inner voices may be telling us that we are so much more than we are allowing ourselves to be, we continually sabotage our growth by holding back. Why? Sharing our ideas with the world can be a scary thing, but we shouldn’t let our fears keep us from sharing with other people because there really is no such thing as a bad idea. Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Perhaps someone may criticize us. This presents us with an opportunity to grow and to learn. A writer, for example, can always benefit from having people read their work in order to give them feedback. Even unpopular ideas can take flight, sparking valuable debate and conversations where people in various roles and backgrounds share their perspectives on the thought. So ladies (and gentlemen), let’s be fearless, go forth sharing our ideas and ourselves with the world! ‘No excuses, great rewards’.

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