Welcome to Aloud.

The blog Aloud. was created to shine a light on women who have taken action to live the life they want, with some risks, maybe a bit of fear but no excuses and great rewards.

Through individual features, we will promote the work and life of strong, determined, intelligent and inspiring women who have the courage to dream Aloud. We hope that with time, luck and hard work, Aloud. will become a wide network showcasing the talent of individuals in the fields of Art, Architecture, Fashion, Design, Photography, Gastronomy and many others.

Being a woman is a starting point. Being creative and motivated is our common ground. Promoting originality, ideas and vision is our common goal. On Aloud. we encourage discussion, interaction and especially suggestions for new features which will help us reach higher and wider.

One can go through life without ever really hearing the sound of one’s own voice. With Aloud. we hope that if each person contributes a whisper, eventually, the sound of our collective voices will slowly but surely become a steady roar that can not be ignored.

Hoping to hear from you often,



  1. marie

    Congratuations Laure on the launch of your new website. What a fantastic idea it is. I hope it goes off like a rocket and you find that it will grow and grow.

  2. marie

    I loved the interview with Heleana.
    That is a great start, and what an interesting website!
    Congratulations Laure.

  3. Jane

    What strikes this reader in Aloud’s first two interviews is the smiling self-confidence of the subjects who gracefully move forward in life driven by their passion and wasting no time dwelling on obstacles.

    Their stunning photo portraits show us that these are women who don’t masquerade as men and have understood that they need not borrow stereotypical male clothing or behavior to elbow others out of their way as they progress.

    Would the world be better off if it were run by women? Or do we sometimes think so simply because we have yet to see enough of what women can do as leaders?

    Just as politics gradually become “color blind ,” can they become “gender blind” so that physical exteriors are nothing more than envelopes bearing messages of use and help to all rather than to a series of specific groups?

    Perhaps with time Aloud will give us these answers. On the way, I look forward to learning more about the women of today who dare to move beyond the cards they are dealt and who do so with grace.

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